When you want to truly understand something

Some say you don’t truly understand something until it actually happens to you. And there is a big difference between knowing something and understanding it. I imagine that people who are really good at what they are doing are so because they truly get it, they understood that part in a way others didn’t. But how did they get there? Is it their passion, their spark, what is it that got them there?

Some time ago I started to think about how would it be if I were a business. If ME would be a company with one employee, how would I see myself with business eyes? So I started playing with my finances first. I took my bank account and structured it as a profit and loss statement and built my financial position aka balance sheet. And then these were matching with the cash in my bank account. It was a fun exercise, so I continued doing that.

Now, by doing this exercise I felt I truly understood the relationship between profit and loss, balance sheet and the cash flow statement. Of course I knew that from before, but looking at it in such a personal way made me get it, for real. I can explain it to anyone and I can easily connect the dots when it comes to this one basic thing.

My point is that in order to truly understand something, you need to care. It needs to be personal. So, if you are not there at the moment and you want to get really good at something, you need to find a way to make it personal. Call it passion or whatever, that which you want to understand needs to feel as if it’s happening to you.

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