What I learned from the trainee flight attendant

This Thursday I flew from Aarhus to Oslo and one of the flight attendants was a trainee. She was going to give the safety instructions and she was very excited, a bit nervous and somewhat clumsy. Although it seemed to me that those gestures are the most natural thing in the world, I realized that they are not. The seat belt only closed on her second attempt and the life vest was initially the other way around. But the energy and the excitement she had were something that captured my attention. I stopped watching the safety instructions on this flight a while ago, but this time I watched her. Because it was energizing and it made me smile.

So I thought how about having that attitude whenever starting something new? You can either be afraid that you will be doing something wrong or you can bring that energy and excitement and and clumsiness with you and energize us who have been flying so many times before or have been on this job and this company for so many years. 

How about being so enthusiastic that people can't ignore you, instead of feeling entitled to their attention?

And how about doing that whenever the something new is a new day or a new week? What a fun place to work in that would be :)

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