Companies need more MasterBuilders

The launch of a successful product is an event. In the long run, it is a company's ability to generate successful products and its way of doing things that will define its success and ultimately, survival.

A company has assets such as a customer base or a brand, but also an asset called "the way we do things around here". Whenever work is done towards finding a better way of doing things, that asset is growing. Such work includes streamlining, simplifying, reducing complexity, getting more out of something, documenting, preparing learning material for others, acquiring new skills, etc, etc. 

The Lego Movie calls MasterBuilders the people capable of building anything from their imagination without needing building instructions (from Wiki). These are the people who work towards building systems, improving on current practices and leveling up the organisation. If you find a way of working which is better than before, you have grown the company's assets and created a time asset. If you add layers of work and people, you have decreased the company's assets and created a time liability.

When we pay attention to the knowledge assets we are building, we pay attention to the company's long term success. When we take shortcuts and do half-baked work, we save time in the short run, but we create a liability on which will pay interest interest on going forward.

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